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“Don’t be long…” Lillie says with a little shake in her voice. “It’ll be fine,” Sun says through the webcam, “At tops it’ll take a month or so.”

“I still can’t understand why you want to go?” Lillie questioned Sun.  Sun sighed, “Remember awhile ago when I said I want to catch as many pokemon as I could?” “Um… yeah, I remember,” Lillie said. “Well, there’s one last pokemon I need to catch; Guzzlord, I’ve heard he’s the hardest to catch as well,” said Sun with little to know fear in his voice. “Well…. Good luck,” Lillie murmured. “See you soon!” Sun exclaimed as he turned off his webcam. “I will always remember you,“ Sun thought to himself.

Chapter 1: The start

Lillie sighed, “Gladion… have you gotten any news on him?” “No, Lillie, to be honest, I doubt he’s still alive at this point, it’s been a year you know,” The ex- team skull member responded. “I know… but… I need to hope, I can’t give up yet.” Lillie said while looking down, even through the webcam Gladion could sense her hopelessness and fear. “I just… I don’t know what to do anymore Gladion,” Gladion saw tears roll down her face. “I… I’ll talk to you later,” Lillie whispered to herself and turned off the webcam. “It’s not fair…, “ Lillie quietly said while tears rolled down her cheeks. She reached into her backpack and pulled out a picture of Sun, Lillie, Gladion, and another person and pressed it against her chest. “Oh Sun, where have you gone? It’s been so long,”

The Next Day

“Hey Gladion!” Lillie said while jumping up and down. “What…?” Gladion clumsily responded, “You wake me up at 3:00 in the morning for what?” “I completed the pokemon league!” Lillie exclaimed, “Which means I’ll be coming back home by tomorrow!” “That’s great!” Gladion said and had seemed to have recovered from his brief moment of grumpiness. “Hau will be pleased to know!”

“Infact, let me go tell him!” Gladion got up and turned off the webcam.

Lillie put away her webcam with a brief smile on her face only to remember Sun again, and how she wouldn’t see him when she arrived back at home, for the rest of the day she seemed in a different mood than she usually was, a mood most people would refer to as; depression.

On the boat back home to her homeland; Alola, she thought of many things, her family, Hau, and many more of her friends, but the main thought that kept coming back and back no matter how hard she tried to push it away was the thought of Sun. Anyhow, she eventually was at Alola and was greeted by her many friends, but it took her awhile to get to the friends she really cared about. “Hau!” Lillie screamed in delight, “Long time no see!” Hau’s expression turned from overjoyed to confused and concerned, “Hey! Um… What’s bothering you?” Hau asked. “What? Oh, nothing,” Lillie responded while looking away from him. “Seriously, did something happen?” Hau inquired with a concerned look on his face. “Sun,” Lillie said so quietly nobody could hear her, she could barely hear herself.

She walked away from Hau and went to her family. “Hey Gladion!” Lillie smiled and managed to form her fingers into a thumbs up. “Hey little sis!” Gladion responded, then put his hands in his pocket and tried to act emo, “I mean, go away.” Lillie shrugged and ran to her father. “You’re back Sweetie!!” Lillie’s father; Mohn said. “And Lusamine is okay too?” “Yeah, she just bought a bunch of souvenirs at Kanto, so it’s taking her a long time to get here,” Lillie rolled her eyes. Lillie’s mother; Lusamine came bursting out of the crowd of people that had come to welcome Lillie and herself back. “Mohn!” Lusamine exclaimed. “It’s been awhile!” Mohn laughed uneasily, “Yeah, it definitely has been.”

The Next Day

    Lillie heard a knock on her door. “Hold on!” She said as she rushed to do her morning routine in the course of 1 minute. “It’s okay, take your time,” Hau replied. Lillie opened the door with a sigh, “Yes?” Lillie asked. “I thought it would be nice if we took a little walk.” Lillie responded with a yes.

The walk was quiet for a long time until Hau asked something, “So seriously, what’s eating you?” Lillie’s face went from awkward, to even more awkward. “It’s… Sun… do you think he’s… gone?” She asked. “No, I think there’s still hope, but at the same time, I can’t… it’s been a year, so, to be honest, I’m sorry but, he’s probably gone,” Hau replied. Lillie wiped away a tear, “Yeah… yeah… he’s… probably… gone.” After that there was only awkward silence. “Well, thanks for offering to walk,” Lillie said. Hau smiled, “No problemo.”

Lillie lay in bed, not being able to sleep. Was Hau right? Was Sun gone? Did she just have to accept the fact that she would never see him ever again? She couldn’t just accept it and move on though. She had to know for sure. Sun had gone to ultra space. The place where all of the Ultra Beasts were. If she could manage to go there, there would be a slight chance that Sun would be there. Lillie knew Guzzlord’s location in Ultra Space so it wouldn’t be too difficult. Lillie sighed while thinking these thoughts. She reached for a pokeball and said, “Go, Nebby!” Lillie and Nebby (Lunala)  seemed to have a very special connection, Nebby always knew Lillie’s exact thoughts, and Lillie knew Nebby’s exact thoughts. Lillie sent a thought to Nebby “Am I crazy to try and go to Ultra Space, or should I just accept the fact that Sun might be… dead?” Nebby pondered around the room in deep thought (It was a big room), and soon sent a thought straight back to Lillie, “No, Sun’s your friend, and if you want to know for sure, you gotta know, you can’t… just push these feelings under a rug like how one might do with trash, because thoughts aren’t trash.”

Lillie sighed and put her head on her pillow, and fell into a deep slumber.

The Next Day

*Knock Knock Knock* Lillie groggily got up and opened the door. “The salty breeze sang to me and brought me to you!” Hau greeted with a smile on his face. Looking passed Hau she noticed Gladion. “Oh hey guys!” Lillie asserted. “Um… what are you doing here exactly?” Lillie asked. “Hau said you wanted to find Sun, so we came here to change your mind,” Gladion explained. “Oh,” Lillie said and then a second later shook her head, “Wait, how’d you know Hau?” Hau rolled his eyes, “You’re so easy to read.” “Am I that easily readable? You know, one day I’ll do something nobody will expect me to do,” Lillie said while crossing her arms. Gladion rolled his eyes, “You kinda already did, you know, with the whole chasing after Sun thingy you got going on here.” “Oh, right,” Lillie looked down and then asked, “You guys want to come on in or do you wanna just stay out there?” “Do you have any malasadas in there?” Hau asked while looking inside. Lillie laughed and responded, “Yeah, I have plenty.”

    “Lillie, Sun is dead,” Gladion reasoned, “If you find him, it’ll be his dead body, just deal with it, he’s dead.” “I’m not one to be negative, but Gladion is right, it’s been a year, he only brought food for a month, there’s no way he’s lasted this long,” Hau emphasized while eating a malasada. Lillie sighed, “Well, you two are just rays of sunshine aren’t you.” “I’m just saying, you just got back, don’t go yet,” Hau said and then added onto it with, “Or ever.” “I don’t care what you two think, I’m leaving, you two can’t stop me,” Lillie countered. “Then I’ll come with you,” Gladion and Hau said at the same time.

The Next Day

Lillie, Hau, and Gladion walked up to dusty stairs that led to the place where the portal would be once Lunala created it. Sun had gotten through with his Sogalo. Lillie reached for a pokeball and said, “Go, Nebby!” Lunala appeared and roared it’s special cry, “Lunala!” “Lunala, can you get the portal to Ultra Space?” Lillie sent the thought to Lunala. “No problemo,” Lunala thought. A huge purple and bright portal appeared a little bit to the right to the center of the floor. Hau looked away, “Can you tell your Lunala that it’s seriously triggering my OCD.” Hau laughed and then said, “Ha, don’t worry, I’m fine.”

    “Well, there’s nothing left to do but… go inside,” Gladion put his hands in his pocket and started walking towards the portal, “You guys coming with me?” Hau gently pushed Lillie forward, “Uh, you go first.” Lillie laughed and then shrugged as she went into the portal after Gladion. Hau sighed and went into the portal. Lillie saw Gladion on the ground and offered to help him up right as Hau came through the portal rubbing his forehead. “Jeez, that seriously gave me a headache,” Then added, “And I’m not kidding.” “Yeah, I noticed that too,” Lillie replied while Gladion stumbled into a radio and accidently turned it on. “Sunshine lollipops and sunshine lollipops!” “OH GOD NO!” Hau wailed as he ran to the radio to turn the music off. “So Lillie, where is Guzzlord located exactly?” Hau asked while raising one eyebrow above the other. “It should be at Resolution Cave,” Hau laughed and then replied, “So will it be 720p or…”

    Lillie looked through her backpack and reached for a map and pointed to a specific location on the map, “Resolution Cave should be around this area.” Hau and Gladion looked over her shoulder. “That’s quite a ways a way,” Gladion said while rubbing his chin in deep thought.


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Um... I lied about my birth age bcuz why not! YEAH! I'm a 12 year old nothing who draw terrible artwork! Feels good


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